Available from stock in the colors black, white, gray, sand and dark blue.
Yellow, orange, red and green on order.
Weight: 48.5 kg


  • Best quality / price on the market, we do not sell inferior frames to sell at the cheapest price
  • No tools required and to persevere by everyone
  • Both for outdoor and indoor use (eg fairs).
  • 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Compactly folded and therefore easy to transport.
  • No disassembly roof fabric required.
  • Transport with optional carrying case on wheels or optional durable flight case for optimal protection.
  • Repair within 24 hours, all the parts in stock for repairs.
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Price per piece:
€ 875,00
The number of Spaarpunten granted for this product is 875
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€ 875,00

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€ 849,00

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€ 831,00

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€ 814,00

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€ 805,00

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€ 788,00

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€ 744,00

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